Greetings I’m Lillie L. Glasgo, an aspiring writer living in Northern California near San Francisco. I decided to blog to explore my passion for writing and to expose the world to the conversations in my head. Pen to paper or should I say my fingers to the keys of my laptop for the expose of my personal inter-conversations. Those I dare to expose to the world to so I escape.

Yes, I eagerly escape my day to day and give myself permission to be absorbed by of my deepest desire to spend months in Paris France. I arrived in Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport just as the sun peaks across the sky. After a de-boarding AirFrancs International Flight AF209 from SFO I immediately notice a driver holding a sign Lillie-JBM I knew it was intended for me. Driven halfway across the airfield there I was greeted by Andre my personal pilot of our Eurocopter AS350 Écureuil (Squirrel).

Privy to a bird’s eye view, I am more than excited to see the Trocadéro, Montparnasse, La Défense and Eiffel Tower. Listen for last the ninety minuets I have soared over endless grand avenues, boulevards and narrow meandering streets, which undoubtedly will lead me to an entrance of one of the most beautiful spacious squares, Place des Vosges. It’s the oldest square in Paris. A smile burst through as thoughts of me standing in one of the most popular tourist spots in Paris. I must run now. I mustn’t miss the Opera Bastille and Maison de Victor Hugo and a visit to appointment with my first cup of French coffee.

Hurrying, I must keep quiet, I must because the locals shouldn’t know just yet that am a newbie. I must get through the streets of Paris without a cinch at least until I have reached Café Le Flore en l’Île on Íle St-Louis. There I’ll have the pleasure of sitting and sipping café in Paris.  Summoning my waiter, “bonjour Monsieur”.   Good morning “Madame”. “un café, s’il vous plaît” (a cup of coffee, please) and croissants. I pulled out my I-pad so I could journal of journey thus far.

A few moments later my waiter return and I am graced with the satisfaction of sipping a café noir. My most handsome waiter, Pierce left me a present. Along side the few cubs of sugar on the lovely ivory saucer was a sweet tiny treat: chocolate square and hand full of chocolate-covered almond.

Anyway my delightful trip, observing spectators, aerial view and trots through the square must come to an end besides I need to finish telling of who I am.

I love biking, designing things writing and quilting. I have many unpublished poems, drafts of books and conversations in my head about the next book I will write. The problem prior to blogging I couldn’t seem to settle down long enough and write. So here I go my attempt to blog which I hope will propel me to work on and finish some of my UFO  – unfinished objects.

My love for writing started way back when.  I was mad at my mother because she didn’t allow me to be skip a grade.  As a result of my anger I picked on this girl name Rita at my middle school.  I was punished, yes.  Expelled from school YES and my mom needless to say want to kill me.

Reflecting on what I had done I wrote a play about bullying shared me with my teacher and our school Potrero Hill Jr.  High School assembled together and witnessed my display of remorse.  I later started writing poetry and then books, plays.

I have a founded DEBTXIT.COM where folk can learn to balance their lives financially and make their money make some money.  I will be attending school very soon to become a Jr. Computer Programmer where I will learn how to build websites and then I can complete DEBTXIT.COM the way I want it and without the price tags of $20k. How about that?

Hope the exposure of my thought be of some use to you at some point and time now or sometimes in the future.

Meanwhile I’m  #justbeingme.