Hello World

Welcome To “JBM”. Just Being Me

I decided to write a blog to inspire other to just be themselves. We experience life meeting and greeting observing and preserving only to allow our emotions to dictate our mood and disturb our grove. We often think ourselves into a tizzy with stinking thinking. Bombarded with a myriad thoughts of being or having something visual to your naked eye which at first glance appears better than what we are privy to . We jump through hoops, failing to get the real scoop mortgaging our lives and well being only to discover that what we just had to have wasn’t worth the trip. I should have just followed my first mind and been myself we proclaim after the fact. To make matters worse we then jump on our horse and castrate our confidence as if the dangerous trip on UFO “You Fouled Out” Island wasn’t enough. Intimate encounters with Mr. If and Mrs. Could’ve and Should-have personally escorted to the open bar at Jacked Up Lane where there the attempt to drown our sorrows left us with a feeling of emptiness and the will to drink some more tomorrow.

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>The truth. I made a mistake. Right? Well now that that is confirmed the next best thing I can do is to forgive myself and other involved dust my but off and keep it pushing. When I reach my safe house then I need to reflect on what the hell just happened and make it s point to close and lock that door and remove ourself from the equation. Know and understand that now that that is over it’s time move forward with a determined mind that that crap want happen again.</p>

Hello world, I am flawed in many areas I have yet to discovered. What I do know is that each time a flaw is exposed I will take what I can from that experience and do my best to remain true to myself. I refuse to do what you do because on the surface it looks good. I don’t know what you had to do or go through to get what you got, besides it might cost more than I’m willing to pay. It cost me nothing to be me. My hair my lips my hips is my trip not yours. Now if you want to be like me that’s cool too because the first I will encourage you to be is yourself!

Simply put no one can get you at being you. You be you I’m going to be me 100%. Listen! I despise the phrase “if I was you”… because the real is if you were me you would not doubt do exactly what I have done. I like me in spite of the fact that I fall short and I don’t always have great day my strive is have beater than great. I inspire and am determine to grow from yesterday.