With the beginning of something new we are often met with much opposition. The key to change is to expect the unexpected.  Be prepared for unforeseen challenges because you are going against the grain.  Think about it when a person who has been held captive attempt to break free they have to carefully calculate each move they make. Why because they don’t want to disturb that which is holding them captive.  Carefully considering the expected outcome.  FREEDOM.  We have to first long for freedom from our oppressor we have to also consult with God for directions and a plan of action.  You know the way of escape, from abuse, misuse, misappropriation, duck tape and wires entangled about our feet. You know those wires that have kept us in the same position in life for the past umpteen years.  Those things like procrastination and hesitation is a detriment to your well being you know.

If you want change you have to seek after it.  Please, please know that with change comes your attitude about change will be the driving force behind change.  It won’t come unless you invite it in.  You’re sick and tired or being sick and tired?  We invite change chances are if you make the necessary preparation it will inevitably come.

Old habits and mindset might try to sabotage change.  Cry out the God Lord help me change; create in me a new clear focused and determined heart that I might complete this change that I am asking for.

Remember when change comes the old ways of doing thing has to take a back seat.  Don’t be holding on to what you use to do – by no means. “Let it Go” in my Frozen voice let him, her, them and it go.  You are not a door mate or a trash can let it go. In fact take the garbage out. If you want change, which I know, you do understand that the past wants o stick around and have tea and crumpets.  NOT! Honestly, I not in the mood.  I want and need a change so I must forget about how often the past wants to drive or plan my trip. That would be a shame and detriment to my growth should I allow yesterday to be my today.

What amazes me is many of are clueless As to how many secret admires we have. Those that see only our strengths and yes some tries to capitalize on our weaknesses what they don’t know is they can’t hold me to my past, what I used to be and do is just that MY past not yours so let it go, let it go in my frozen voice. No one can master being me but me. Yes I may have impersonators but there is only one original Lillie L. Glasgo that would be me.