I’m Not For Sale


At first glance, this pic some 10 years later, disturbed me. It look like I’m for sale. I’m tripping Right? Why doesn’t it say home for sale?


Yea, I know, my point is I’m not for sale. My price is high above rubies. It’s your cooperation, collaboration, compassion, consistency, committee, care, consideration, comfort, companionship, willingness to cuddle and celebrate with me, your creativeness, cheerfulness, cleanliness, calmness, creativity, capability, coolness, candor, carefulness, consideration, clarity, communication, contribution, confidence in me and yourself, certainty, coolness, challenge yourself and me to do and be better, your ability to embrace change, get clarity, competence, concentration, confidence, consciousness, consistency, contentment, clear-headedness, conviction, courage, courtesy, cordial, capital to create choices and lifestyle, conqueror, connectedness, closeness, courteousness, congruence, charisma, championship, cuteness oh and let’s not forget Christianity, that I need.

Question, has anybody Attempt to buy you with trinkets, toys, tricks and treats to maybe shut you up or calm you down, to persuade you or the likes thereof.

Did you sell yourself too short? Did you walk away? How did you handle it? What’s your price?

Do you know your value? Does others know and understand that your price/life is nonnegotiable.

What say you?