What I Do


I have been transportation people to their destination via Lyft ride share.  Pretty cool for the most part and would recommend it to anyone that loves to drive and want to earning some extra money.   It has no benefits except you work when you want too.   It has its perks because you as the driver go places you would not normally go in your day to day.  You meet so many wonderful people most polite and give you a good rating if you are kindness to them.  If interested use my referral code


Driving has gave me a platform to speak to people and encourage them to be the best they can be.  I know I can be a bit blunt especially when taking about relationships thats a drag, dud, disaster or anything else you can think of that’s a dumb reason to say.  Illustration:  a passenger gets in my car and say in the midst of me asking how are you  they say could be better but my boyfriend dumped me.    O really I reply. Same breath  befor you go any further let’s examine the word dumped.  Garbage gets dumped.  I going to assume you are not garbage because you are talking to me and garbage don’t talk he may have abbondon the relationship.  If the truth be told he did you a favor

When I’m not driving I’m am learning computer programming and writing.